Here you can find the most common questions!

What is the required level to start?

There is no a required level to enrol a course. Our courses are suitable for every one as the teachers start teaching from the basics to more advanced lessons. The idea is to build a strong foundation after the courses.

Are there advanced moves in the course?

Yes, there are. You can learn basic moves but also more advanced ones. Our epic teachers have design a strong program to let you get to the top.

How do I receive feedback?

During the lessons you will find requests to upload a short video so our tutors and teachers can watch it and assess you. We highly recommend to record yourself and share with our community your learnings and improvements.

How do I get my diploma?

You will be honoured with a certification signed by your teacher once you reach the end of the course. You are required to watch all videos and send your short recording for assessment.

Are these courses tutorials?

There courses are not tutorials. Our video-lessons are designed to help you build strong foundation and make of you a new potencial talent in the course discipline. Every single video-lesson has its own methodology as well as the real interaction with our tutors and teachers that complement and support your learning through the course.

What do I need to start learning?

You just need a empty place with soft ground, to wear comfortable cloth and be relaxed. Put your headphones on and follow the instructions that our teachers give you in any lesson. Sometimes you are required to use a mat but not to have it doesn’t prevent you to progress through he course.

What languages are available?

All our courses are taught in English. We are currently adding subtitles in English and in Spanish to make your learning easier.

How many moves will I learn?

Every course is split in 8 to 12 lessons depends on the curriculum needs.

Can I learn at home?

Of course you can. A home is a really appropriate place to follow our courses. Make sure you have space enough and avoid distractions to make the most of it.

Are the courses mobile ready?

Our courses are mobile ready indeed. Our learning platform is 100% responsive design to help you follow the course with any device you want to sign in.

Can I contact the epic teacher?

Our epic teachers are happy to meet any student of The Epic School. You just need to follow the channels the School has available to do it. For example, uploading your recording for feedback, our webinars or Facebook Live, etc.

How should I enrol a course?

If you are interested in any of our courses you has taken an epic decision. First thing you should do is to register in to get an account. Secondly, go to the Course Detail Page you wish to enrol and click the button TAKE THIS COURSE. The system will take you to the next screen to finalise the purchase process. You are enrol once you are able to see the curriculum unblocked and the progress bar where before was the button.

How long do I have access to a course?

Once you enrol a course you will have lifetime access to the course. You are able to watch the video-lesson as many times as you want.

How can I pay for a course?

You can make a payment with Pay Pal or Credit/Debit card. Makes sure you are able to make international payments with your card. These payment methods are totally safe, secure and guaranteed by The Epic School.

How can I purchase a course as a gift?

If you are thinking to please your child or your friend with one of our online courses, we can help you. You just need to buy a course and send us an email stating that you wish to give it as a gift to someone else. Let us now your email address, his/her email address and the date you wish to give him/her access.

Can I ask for a refund?

You can ask for a refund if you are not happy with the purchase you just made. Once we refund you we will delete you account. We are totally sure you will love our courses.

Why are not my comments or ratings published yet?

Comments and ratings in our courses are on hold for School moderation. This is just to prevent spam and inappropriate words.

Where can I share my videos to show how I am improving?

You have a few options. You are invited to publish any thing related to your experience through the course in the Forum that each Course has available in You can find the access to the forum in the Course Detail Page.

How can I see what other students are doing?

Each course has an open forum with topics for the students to get the most of this experience. You can have a look to other students videos in the topics you can find in the forum. Also we will publish some of the most brilliant videos in our social media channels.